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The Freestyle 

Bring yu’self, yu’ family and fren dem! Come explore with us. No time line, no specific targets, just grab a bag and come! Our free style package lets you choose on the fly, where and when you want to go! Visit a landmark, take a bike ride, drive into the country side, or just lay on the beach! It’s all on your schedule, your time, we accommodate and facilitate! This option also allows you to see more than one part of the Island at one or more of our partner properties while on your trip. Tell what you like and we will provide it! 

The All-Inclusive-Exclusive 

So you have decided to do an all-inclusive resort and have booked your trip through Montage Jamaica. Why not take a day, or a half day, or simply a few hours to go off the resort and engage the local people. Take a drive along the north coast or shoot across the Island for a day, afternoon, or night in Kingston at some of the hottest party spots in the Caribbean. 

Off The Beaten Path 

Our customized back country adventures take you to more remote and secluded destinations on the Island. Ever been to Clarendon, St. Thomas or some of Jamaica’s other parishes? Perhaps you would like to be close to nature, bathe outside or swim in the river? Maybe you want to visit a farm and stay there for the time you are in the Island. Well, we can provide that for you. Our partners at the Source Farm will host our guests and have you working on an eco-friendly sustainable farm… all within walking distance from the beach!